Ændring af din DNS server…

Norton ConnectSafe is a cloud-based Web filtering service that helps protect you from accessing malicious sites and sites with unwanted or offensive content, based on filtering policies you select.


How does it work?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is like a phone book. Each time your computer visits a Web site, it needs to get the IP address of the site (computers only connect to IP addresses, not human-friendly names). When using Norton ConnectSafe, you get these IP addresses quickly, plus Norton ConnectSafe performs a quick check on each site to make sure that the requested Web site is safe. If the requested Web site is unsafe, you will see a warning that includes information on why we rated the site as dangerous. This site rating comes from our Norton Safe Web database, which can be accessed at http://safeweb.norton.com/. Norton Safe Web processes billions of requests each day to deliver ratings to millions of users when they are browsing or searching on the Internet.

  • Where does Norton ConnectSafe get its security information from?

    Norton ConnectSafe leverages the Norton Safe Web database. Safe Web contains information on millions of sites and it is queried billions of times each day. Norton ConnectSafe is updated every few minutes with the latest site rating information.

  • How does Norton ConnectSafe Web content filtering work?

    Norton ConnectSafe uses the Web content categorization data from our own Symantec RuleSpace service. Our content categorization data include more than 50 million Web sites covering 23 different languages.

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